ANNE HILLS and MICHAEL PETER SMITH, Sunday, 3/8, 3:30pm – Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship

Anne-Hills-2016-Irene-Young-150x150Tom Paxton says, “Anne Hills is such an exquisite singer that it’s understandable that people might be swept up in the pure beauty of her voice and thereby overlook her writing. That would be a mistake. For me, Anne’s writing, in songs like ‘Follow That Road’ and many others, is as direct, melodic and deep as any work being done today. She is quite simply one of my absolute favorite songwriters.”

ms-guitar-220x199“Hearing the songs of Michael Smith in this day and age is like reading an anthology of Hemingway’s short stories after decades of only comic books. It’s a realization that songs can hold a whole lot more than they’re usually expected to hold, they can possess a genuine sense of place and time as evocative and magical as the finest literature.” — Paul Zollo, Song Talk Magazine

Cousin Andy’s is excited to welcome Anne and Michael back to the Cousin Andy’s stage.  Cousin Andy’s is pleased to begin a new partnership with the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship in presenting the concert series.

GREG KLYMA – Saturday, February 1st, 7pm @Redbud Hill, a Cousin Andy’s Event

greg-klymaRoad-tested troubadour. Relentless songwriter. Greg Klyma is keeping the American folk tradition alive with his enduring themes, articulate and amusing stories, and populist ideals. He rolls in off the road, pulls out a guitar, and proceeds to take us back to the basics: family, love, gratitude, and laughter.

Greg recently released his 3rd (yes, THIRD) album of 2019.  He’s stopping in Murphysboro as part of the C&W 2020 tour.  “C&W” — it stands (naturally) for “Coffee and Weed” — is the album’s sardonic opening track. A touching and funny old-fashioned country and western collection, it’s full of twangy slide guitar, winkingly sad stories, and no shortage of memorable women, from the imperious “Davidson County Beauty Queen” who “could have any man she wants in Tennessee” to the “Superstar” who “likes singin’ alone in her car.”

We’re excited to welcome Greg back to the Cousin Andy’s stage, this time in Murphysboro at Redbud Hill, and look forward to hearing the songs from “C&W,” as well as the songs from his other two 2019 releases — “Maybe the Ocean” and “Fake Songs.”

For more info about Greg and his music:  CLICK HERE

Redbud Hill is located at 411 N. 9th Street in Murphysboro.  Call 618-565-1238 for more info.


MARK STUART – Friday, January 17th, 7:30pm @ Redbud Hill in Murphysboro

Carlton Freeman promo 002Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mark Stuart has played with country and roots-rock groups like the Long Gone Daddies and Steve Earle’s Dukes and has toured with the likes of Joan Baez and Freddy Fender. When touring solo, his performances are littered with great guitar pieces and self-penned songs from his solo records and duo records (with his wife, Stacey Earle). He mixes these originals with songs to and by the notable artists he’s worked with, and includes fascinating stories about his experiences along the way.

Cousin Andy’s is excited to welcome Mark back to the Cousin Andy’s stage.  For this event, we will be at Redbud Hill in Murphysboro (411 N. 9th St.).  For more info, call 618-565-1238.

For more info about Mark CLICK HERE

SMALL POTATOES – Friday, December 13th, 7:30pm @ Redbud Hill in Murphysboro

TINY TUBERS YELLOW MOON 15622536_10154238027461313_4662580224134333283_nTiny Tubers?  Negligible Nightshades?  No matter what you like to call them, you have to put Small Potatoes at the top of the Cousin Andy’s favorites list.  Jacquie and Rich return to the Cousin Andy’s stage at Redbud Hill (411 N. 9th St., Murphysboro) for their annual Christmas and more show.

The Chicago based folk duo of Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso say it has taken them years of careful indecision to develop a repertoire they describe as “Celtic to Cowboy.” Superb musicianship and showmanship, award-winning songwriting, and a strong sense of tradition has made them, as Dirty Linen Magazine once said, “one of the most polished, inventive, and entertaining shows on the circuit.”

Call 618-565-1238 for info or directions to Redbud Hill

For more info about Small Potatoes CLICK HERE

TOM BEGICH, Wednesday, 10/30, 7:30pm at Redbud Hill

4-8-13-AKFF-Tom-Begich-e1365788973485-340x261The bohemian son of a family steeped in Alaska politics and the product of a life of music and art, Tom Begich writes and performs music and poetry that resonates with the stories and the conflicts of the human condition.

Part of the Alaska music scene in the early 1980’s, Tom dropped out and tuned in to the world of politics and business for a decade before finding his way back to local coffee shops, street corners, and music festivals.  In 2016 Tom was elected to the Alaska State Senate, becoming the first professional musician to be elected to that Legislative body.  He now serves as Minority Leader of the Alaska Senate and continues to perform both his music and poetry throughout the country.

Tom combines an easy picking style with blues rhythms and storytelling skill to create a musical montage that is always interesting to the ear. His music includes a wide-variety of music ranging from acoustic instrumentals to blues and folk rock.

Some Cousin Andy’s regulars have spent time with Tom at The Kerrville Folk Festival and are pleased to welcome him to the Cousin Andy’s stage.  This show will be at Redbud Hill, 411 N. 9th St. in Murphysboro.  Call 618-565-1238 for more info.

For more information CLICK HERE

TRET FURE, Saturday, September 14th, 7:30pm, at The Church of The Good Shepherd

Tret at Linden Tree for webTret Fure is a prolific artist in the contemporary singer-songwriter arena, releasing 16 albums and CDs over the course of her career.  Now after 8 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy girl Records, she has re-established herself in the folk world, winning the South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition in 2 out of 3 categories and winning the prestigious Jane Schliessman Award for Outstanding Contributions to Women’s Music.  In 2017, Tret took 2nd place in the Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay songwriting contest for her song “The Fishermen of Bristol Bay”.

In 2018, Tret released “Roses in November.”  Wanda A. Fischer of WAMC-Northeast Public Radio says the CD “…is yet another masterpiece from Tret. Exceptionally crafted songs delivered with passion, conviction and, yes, soul. Tret weaves magic both in the lyrics and between the lines. This will certainly be on my ‘Best of 2018’ list.”

We are excited to welcome Tret back to the Cousin Andy’s stage!

For more information CLICK HERE

John William Davis, Friday, August 2nd, 7:30pm at The Church of The Good Shepherd

20451612_10155673838834456_3084492573879113116_o“Wandering through the halls during a music conference last fall, I was drawn like a moth to a flame by some funky finger picking, striking melodies, and clever lyrics . . . [John William Davis] is a writer who deserves more than passing comparison with the likes of Randy Newman and Tom Waits, albeit with slightly stronger connection to blues and folk roots than either of those guys. Davis has the same kind of eye and ear though. . . . And ability to take snapshots of the world around us and the peculiar characters who inhabit it with clever, razor sharp wordplay . . . I’m finding him my favorite songwriter at the moment.” –Mark Moss, editor of Sing Out! Magazine

John describes his musical journey as, “…basically a turnip raised in South Georgia migrates westward and picks up acoustic guitars after burning out on the rest of life.”

That “turnip” has won a number of songwriting awards, including the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition for Emerging Songwriters.

We’re excited to welcome John to the Cousin Andy’s stage.

KYLE CAREY – Friday, June 14th, 7:30pm, The Church of the Good Shepherd

45052744_2727184367295430_3377535317769715712_nPossessed of an elegant grace, on ‘The Art of Forgetting,’ her latest CD, Kyle Carey weaves together resonant threads of Celtic and American roots music into a rich tapestry of acoustic storytelling.

Carey showcases fluency with the Gaelic language and command of the secrets of pronunciation and tone when performing traditional Gaelic songs. In her original material, however, she breaks new ground in her ability to make that style the pulse of a new Gaelic American sort of folk music.

Kyle has gone back to the graves of her ancestors, learned the language they spoke, the songs they sang, and used this knowledge in creating a new sort of American folk music, one that continues to cross boundaries, to forge alliances.

For more information: click here

Dana & Susan Robinson – Friday, 4/12, 7pm – Redbud Hill in Murphysboro

RobinsonsCousin Andy’s welcomes Dana and Susan Robinson back to our stage, this time at Redbud Hill in Murphysboro (411 N. 9th St.).

From Cabot, Vermont – Americana-roots and folk duo, Dana and Susan Robinson are celebrating the release of their new recording, The Town That Music Saved with a 24 concert, six-week tour across the United States.

Dana and Susan combine vivid, songwriting and storytelling, with fiddle tunes, banjo grooves, elegant melodies, and rich harmony singing. Their compositions have been featured in Ken Burns’s “The National Parks, America’s Best Idea” and “The Dust Bowl.”

Drawing upon experiences of more than twenty years of touring, Dana and Susan craft a performance that conveys the mystery and wonders of their journey. Their unique blend of original songwriting and traditional Appalachian music, bring to their performances a deep understanding of America’s musical heritage.

“Rural America explored with elegant simplicity. Their music and cleanly poetic songwriting bring to mind the great folksingers of our times.”
Asheville Citizen-Times

For more info about Dana and Susan, click here

Redbud Hill is located at 411 N. 9th St., Murphysboro.  For more info, call 618-565-1238.

TOM NEILSON, ***WEDNESDAY***, March 27th, 7pm, Church of The Good Shepherd

TOM NEILSON 2018-03-14_21-13-57Cousin Andy’s welcomes Tom Neilson back to the Cousin Andy’s stage!

Tom provides a voice for those who believe in the power of folk music to effect change. His award-winning songs of humor and compassion have been performed in 21 countries on 5 continents. His lyrics are celebrated for their sophistication, political astuteness, & wit. His travels are reflected in his songs, intertwined with farm roots and a fervent commitment to social justice, as he writes about historical and current events. He has been at the for-front in helping communities organize against water privatization, mountain top removal, nuclear energy, incinerators, GMOs, fracking, & toxic waste. Known locally as the Bard Insurgent, Tom is a veteran of stage and street theater with his writing, acting, and directing. His songs draw the listener into his musical response to globalization.

“Does a great job of reminding people of what is really important, and the power of folk music to say it.” – Michael Stock, WLRN, Miami, FL

“consummate and gifted performer with a human & compassionate touch…one of the most savvy political songwriters I know.” – Derrick Jordan, Vermont Citizens Awareness Network

“Tom’s contemplative and moving critique of the media’s manipulation of the news is perceptive, intelligent, and right on. Using a blend of lyrical humor, stark fact, and compelling rhythm, he speaks to all of us who struggle towards truth.” – Sarah Underhill, People’s Music Network

For more info about Tom Neilson CLICK HERE